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Return to Triund



Haven’t been in much of a blog writing mood lately. I’m afraid I might have burned myself out writing 2-4 entries a day for about a week. It’s been raining pretty constantly for 10 days now so the options for how I spend my days are pretty slim, meaning I don’t really have a whole lot to write about. I don’t actually really have anything espescially interesting to say right now but this was the best excuse I could come up for posting the first batch of half-decent photos I’ve taken since I’ve been here so…enjoy that.

On Sunday I decided to take a hike and go camping so I could get myself to the best possible vantage point to see the supermoon. When I woke up it was raining pretty heavily but I figured it would pass so I set off anyways. Besides, I’d planned on making the hike for almost a week so I would have felt pretty badly if I decided to pack it in just because I was afraid of getting my dreads a bit wet.  The hike itself only took about 2 hours and was relatively rain-free. I was inside of clouds almost the entire time so I didn’t have much of a view to admire, but at least I wasn’t getting drenched.


I got to my destination around noon, with 7 or so hours to spare until sunset. The place I was planning on sleeping, Triund, is a pretty ideal spot to camp when the weather’s nice. It’s a spacious plateau covered in lush grass that’s kept fairly short due to all of the cows, horses and goats that graze up there. Since I had so much time on my hands I decided to scramble around the boulders for a bit. I thought it would be nice if I could find a cave to spend the night in, really do the whole Buddhist thing right. However, I only managed to come across 2 suitable caves, one of which was already occupied and the other was filled with trash. So I decided to bite the bullet and shelled out the 600 Rs ($10) for a tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag.

I met some other guys that were spending the night up at Triund so we put our tents together and got to work on making a fire.  It had been raining pretty regularly so we could only salvage wet wood but at least we got something burning. They’d each only been in India for a week so far so it was kinda amusing to play the role of some sort of tour guide to area.


The guys I was with decided to turn in pretty early before the sky had cleared up much but I decided I would stay up as late as it took to get a good look at the moon. After all, that was the whole reason I’d made the trip up to Triund and all I had planned for the next day was strolling back down to Dharamkot.

There were pretty heavy clouds and a rainless lightning storm for an hour or so but some heavy wind came in and finally pushed it all away. For about 20 mintues I had a perfect view of the moon, which was huge and golden, surrounded by bolts of lightning and pouring rain that was still far enough off in the distance that I managed to stay dry. However, the wind kept coming in and it started pouring on me so I decided to turn in for the night.


So…yep, that’s whats up these days. I also met a group of Tibetans that are around my age so I’ve been kicking it with them at night, which has been fun, though they keep trying to give me tattoos since they’re all just starting to learn. Might have to hold off on that, at least for the next month that I’m here so they can get in a bit more practice. I was intending on going to a birthday party for the Karmappa tonight but had no idea how to find where it was being held. I wandered around between Dharamkot and McLeod for about an hour before it started to rain and I gave up. Oh welllll. That’s monsoon season for ya.